Day 0: Arrivals |  All quick-turn: shot and edited in-between team arrivals.  Teams arrived every ~40 minutes, and videos were released before the next team arrived.
Day 1 | Media Day.  Max is primary shooter with various editors.  Edit below was turned next-day by Max.
Day 2 | Team Practices.  All quick-turn, shot and edited within 20 minutes.  
Day 3 | Semifinals.  All content below shot and edited by max.  Various one-shot real-time pieces shot and edited on-the-go in the venue.  Postgame pieces cut for immediate upload.
Postgame quick-turn "last 5 minutes" recap.  The primary goal with these is to provide fans with the content they're looking for ASAP of their team once they're moving on.
Day 4 | Practice Day & Trophy Shoot
Day 5 | Final